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Hibikii LED - HS-300-WP

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Hibikii LED - HS-300-WP

Features and Specifications:
Product Description: Hibikii LED Strips-Single Colour Water Proof (IP64) 300 LEDs - Liquid Glue inputing style
LED Type: 3528 SMD LED
Working Voltage: DC12V
Power Consumption(Per 5 Meter): 30W
Beam Angle >140°
Dimension 5000*10*2.2m
IP Grade: IP64
Working Temperature: -40℃∽+50℃
Fixed Mode: Double-Sided Adhesive
Color-Lumx/Per reel-Frenquency/Color Temperature:

Red - 330 - 619~635

Green - 900 - 512~528

Blue - 270 - 463~475

Yellow - 300 - 584~595

Warm White - 1500 - 2700~3300

White - 1500 - 5500~6500

Cool White - 1500 - 8000~11000

  1. Risk of electric shock. Ensure that the power supply is off when wiring or soldering the sections of the device.
  2. The device must be installed and operated by a qualified electrician or technician in accordance with relevant local codes.
  3. It is the responsibility of the contractor, installer, purchaser, owner, and user to install, maintain, and operate the device in such a manner as to comply with all state and local laws, ordinances, and regulations.
  4. No folding of LED strips.
  5. Voltage must not exceed 12VDC and must be regulated.